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Boerhaave Nascholing - Jan van Es - Population Health Management Course Fundamentals

Begin: 09:00 uur
Eind: 19:30 uur
Locatie: LUMC Campus


Moving from volume to value : health care professionals improve health care delivery in diverse populations.
Health care experts face ageing populations, rising health care costs, fragmented health care supply and advancing medical technologies and IT services.
These developments go beyond every day practice and will require new competences for not only health care professionals but also of management and directors of related organisations.

The Population Health Management (PHM) aims at:

  • Experts who are able to work together in improving the health care system and advocating health care solutions in the broadest sense.
  •  Realising an integrated way of thinking to approach health care subjects
  • Organizations that transform to integrated health systems.

Target group
The partners of the LUMC-Campus The Hague offer the course PHM for health care professionals, staff members, PhD fellows in Health and Healthcare related science, MD specialist trainees in primary, elderly and secondary care and Public Health and master students, that:

  1. Want to become change agents to support the development of a more integrated health care system.
  2. Have an open attitude towards a new paradigm for health care.

€ 1.250,00 p.p. (BTW-vrij)  / PhD (candidate) € 625,00

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